A happily confused wanderer (also wonderer) on the random walk called life.

Hi, this is Rupeshkumar Ghagi. Welcome to my official website.

I am an experimenter. I like to explore newer and better ways of doing things. I get bored easily with repetitive tasks and hence, reject the proven/popular methods often.

The things I like to contribute towards are Better Education, Inclusive Healthcare, Greener Environment, More Employment, Friendlier Workplaces, Progressive Neighborhoods, and a Brighter Future.

A lot to be done, right? I think it’s possible through creative collaborations. This is why I have graduated from educator to entrepreneur to now – mentor and storyteller to digital product ventures.

To connect, mail me at rupesh.ghagi@maximess.com.

You can read my blogs, watch videos, follow my projects and more.

Walking towards light… (Clicked with Canon EOS 1500D 55-255 mm lens, near Bandra, Deolapar, NH 44)

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Rupesh Ghagi