Sunbird feeding its young…

Today, while birding around my house, I spotted this purple sunbird chick. She (or he? I will refer by she hereafter) was waiting for her mother to come and feed her. I found her behavior cute and kept observing for some time. Tried to click some pictures too. Writing this bit to note all that down.

The wait for food is difficult. The chick was impatiently moving around while waiting.

At the sight of mother or father, she would start flapping its wings and start chirping. (A lot like human child?)

Mother feeding the chick by putting the bill in mouth of the chick. Is it nectar or insects? I couldn’t make it.

Chick adjusts its mouth for efficiently consuming what mother brought for her.

After feeding, mom is off again for another round.

Chick and dad in intense discussion.

Now it’s dads turn to feed. And it continued again and again. More pics in slideshow below.

Thanks for reading.

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