Jungle Babbler

Post is part of the project- Birds in the neighborhood. | Bird 12

These clicks are taken from various locations from 10 feet to 100 feet from my home in Warora (Dist: Chandrapur).

These birds reminded me of game ‘Angry Birds’. I saw 7-8 Jungle Babblers moving together and foraging. They are also known as ‘Saat Bhai’ (Seven Brothers) in Indian Subcontinent. They are really noisy. Flack can be identified from a distance with harsh mewing, chattering and chirping. They have short flight. Today evening I watched the flock on move. From tree at the back of house it landed on rear parapet wall, took a flight till front parapet wall and then to a tree in open place in front of house.

Male and female of this species are identical.

Jungle Babbler
Jungle Babbler

More birds to follow.

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