Asian Koel

Post is part of the project- Birds in the neighborhood. | Bird 08

These clicks are taken from various locations from 10 feet to 100 feet from my home in Warora (Dist: Chandrapur).

The Asian Koel is a large and long-tailed bird of cuckoo family and like many of its kin is brood parasite which lays it’s eggs in nest of crows or other hosts. These host birds raise Asian Koels young ones (Yes. That’s right.) The male is shiny bluish-black, with a pale greenish grey bill, the iris is crimson, and it has grey legs. The female is brownish on the crown. The back and wing coverts are dark brown with white spots. The underparts are stripped whitish.

The male I clicked had mud or something attached around its bill. So please thy to visualize Koel without it.

Asian Koel (Female)
Asian Koel (Male)

I will try and click better pic of male. Stay tuned for more.

More pictures clicked on 7th March 2021.

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