White Throated Kingfisher

Post is part of the project- Birds in the neighborhood. | Bird 03

The first pic was clicked from window of Disha Edupoint (150 ft from my home) in Warora (Dist: Chandrapur).

Update: Latest pics (clear and good ones) are clicked from home (rear balcony).

It is also called White Breasted Kingfisher. The male and female looks identical according to web-resources.

White Throated Kingfisher

Coincidently, very next day of clicking this picture in Warora, this beautiful kingfisher was the bird I observed in Tuli Veer Bagh Resort in Bandra, Deolapar. Below is the picture of that. 

White Throated Kingfisher (In Tuli Veer Bagh Resort)

Here are some more pics from both the locations, home in Warora and resort near Pench in Bandra.

Thanks and follow for more updates and more birds.

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