Birds in the neighborhood.

My mother keeps some grains and water for birds in balcony and windows. Spotting a very beautiful bird from previously unknown (to me) species have happened quite often. On one Sunday in January 2021, I spend the lazy morning patiently observing the birds around my home and to my surprise, I estimated the number of species to exceed 20. As ‘environment’ is one of the 10 areas according to my proposed model of education, birdwatching was in my list of projects for students. Birdwatching is exciting and offers a chance to learn many skills and understand the nature and importance of coexistence.

So I though, why not try to document the birds in my neighborhood. I decided to cover area up to 200 meters from my house for the study and started to observe the birds and click photos. I am using google lens for initial identification of the species and then other resources to confirm the findings.

I will keep updating this page for more details about the project and will do a separate post for each bird. I won’t write comprehensive information but just photos and name of the species. Other information may or may not be posted.

Stay tuned for more…


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